Equine Center

North Central Texas College is located in the heart of the horse industry of North Texas. The horse industry is a highly diverse industry that supports a wide variety of activities in all regions of the country. Of the approximately 9.2 million horses in the US, nearly 1 million of those reside in Texas. The Equine Science program at NCTC offers a great deal of hands-on experience in training, breeding and management, as well as classroom instruction on the science and business aspects of the horse industry.

Program Purpose and Goals

The goal of the Equine Science program is to offer a well-rounded, quality education for those students interested in becoming an equine professional.  It is our goal to provide the students with instruction and experiences that mirror the real world requirements, and in turn put forth a hard working, reliable student that will be a true asset to the industry.

Important Program Information for Prospective Students

Students applying to this program should be aware that the nature of this program is very demanding physically, and classes can be very time consuming. Students have assignments both on campus as well as off campus for various classes, and are expected to fulfill these commitments and more.

Potential students are strongly encouraged to contact the Equine Dept. Instructors (bterrell@nctc.edu, or bkaven@nctc.edu) regarding their interest and intent to enroll in the Equine Program, riding classes, or their desire to participate in equestrian team activities. In addition, one should fill out the Prospective Student Questionnaire on the Equine Program website (under Admission) and forward to either instructor. Prospective students are always welcome to call and make an appointment to meet with the instructors for a tour of the Equine Center facility and for advising or scheduling of classes.

Current students are also strongly encouraged to contact Becky Terrell or Bill Kaven at the beginning of registration for assistance regarding their academic degree and/or certificate plans and comprehensive scheduling of classes. Early academic advisement will also expedite and simplify transfer, course substitution, and graduation concerns.

There are several contractual obligations on the part of every student enrolled in the equine program.

Career Opportunities

There are career opportunities in many different areas of the equine industry. Full-time equivalent employment across the Texas horse industry exceeds 96,000 people and is growing each year. So, if your interest is training, breeding, showing, or teaching there are many opportunities to find the career path you are interested in.

For additional information, please look at Careers or Contact Us