Department of Mathematics and Physics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Physics of North Central Texas College. The Mathematics and Physics program at NCTC offers courses which meet the general requirements for associate degrees and for transfer and technical programs. More advanced courses prepare students for majoring in the fields of mathematics, science, pre-professional areas and engineering.




Math Courses

Course Descriptions

MATH1314 College Algebra
MATH1316 Trigonometry


Mathematics for Business Analysis
MATH1325 Business Calculus


College Math
MATH1342 Elementary Statistics
MATH1350 Fundamentals of Math I
MATH1351 Fundamentals of Math II
MATH2412 Pre-calculus Math
MATH2413 Calculus I
MATH2414 Calculus II
MATH2415 Calculus III


Physics Courses

Course Descriptions


General Physics I
PHYS1402 General Physics II
PHYS1415 Physical Science
PHYS2425 Engineering Physics I
PHYS2426 Engineering Physics II


For additional information, please contact:

Aziel Wilson, Math and Physics Department Chair

Don Abernathy, Physics Instructor


Keith Bailey, Math Instructor


Ron Bautch, Math Instructor


Bill Bernard, Math Instructor


Misty Hamner, Math Instructor


Jill Yoder, Math Instructor


Nelson Lozano, Math Instructor

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  • Office: Gainesville - Room 822
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