Admissions and Registration Questions?



How do I apply to North Central Texas College?


In order to be admitted to NCTC, you will first need to apply online at or in person with a NCTC Admissions Application, You will need to bring in your official high school or college transcripts with TSI Scores or exemptions which may include THEA, TAKS, SAT, ACT, or new TSI Assessment test scores and complete our College 101/New Student Orientation (for all students new to NCTC and previous Dual Credit Students). For more detailed information on admission requirements, visit our Admissions page.View contact information for each NCTC location.



Do I need a Meningitis Vaccination?


The following vaccination requirement applies to anyone under the age of 22 (effective Spring 2014).  

o   All first-time freshmen

o   All new transfer students

o   All returning NCTC students who have had a break in enrollment of at least one Fall or Spring semester

o   All new dual credit students enrolled in a course being taught on an NCTC campus

      Documentation will be required prior to registration, please review Meningitis Information. For more information please visit the State of Texas Department of State Health Services web page.


I am an International Student.  How do I apply and what do I need?


All international students will need to contact Janet Cox at or 940-668-7731 ext. 4404 to schedule an appointment to start the admissions process. Visit the International Students Admissions page for more information.


I am a high school student.  Can I take college classes now?


As a junior and senior, you may qualify for Dual Credit classes. Some classes are at your high school and others are on one of our NCTC Campuses or online. For more information on Dual Credit, contact your high school counselor or visit our Dual Credit page.


NOTE: You must Apply for Admissions at NCTC to be a Dual Credit student and bring in your current TSI scores and high school transcript.


NOTICE: If you are a senior, you may qualify for Early Admissions which would allow you to take college level classes on your own time (after high school hours or on weekends) in addition to your high school classes to obtain college credit.


What does TSI Status mean?


TSI is the Texas Success Initiative, and refers to your level of college readiness in terms of Reading, Writing, and Math skills. TSI Status may include test scores or exemptions from THEA, TAKS, SAT, ACT, THEA, COMPASS, ACCUPLACER, or the new TSI Assessment. These scores need to be on your official college or high school transcripts showing credit earned from the institution. For more information on TSI Status and what is acceptable for admissions, visit our Admissions page.


Do I need TSI Scores to take a Certificate Course?


No. Certificate majors taking courses within that specific program do not need to provide TSI placement scores or exemptions. If a certificate student wants to pursue degree coursework, they will be required to provide TSI placement scores or proof of exemption prior to enrollment in degree courses. 


Where can I get a NCTC Catalog?


Our NCTC catalog is only available online. The catalog has detailed information about NCTC, our programs, registration schedule, tuition and fees, admissions policies, course descriptions and much more. To view the online catalog, visit the Course Catalog.


Do I need to see an advisor to sign up or take college courses?


If you are a first time college student, then you will need to meet with an advisor to help you register for classes your first semester and create an academic plan. After your first semester, meeting with an advisor for registration is not required, but highly recommended. Check with the NCTC Counseling and Testing Office for locations and office hours.


Do I need to send ALL my transcripts from every college I have attended?


Yes, official transcripts reflecting all coursework taken from regionally accredited institutions of higher education must be submitted to the Admissions Office by the official date of record of the first semester of enrollment at NCTC.


NOTE: If you graduated from a high school and/or attended college outside the United States, please submit only an evaluated international high school transcript. If you are an international student, visit our International Students admission page for more information.


I went to college out of state.  Do you need my transcript and what test scores are used?


Yes, we will need your transcript from any and ALL out of state colleges. Out of state placement test scores will NOT satisfy TSI status requirements.However, ACT or SAT scores may be used for TSI testing exemptions.


Please see our TSI Status page for more information about college courses that may exempt your from testing.


How do I request a Transcript?


Learn more at our Transcript Request page.


What is my login information?


The network ID and password you received in your Admissions confirmation e-mail. Check with the Admissions Office on campus if you have lost this information-please have a photo ID when requesting student login information, as it is confidential. 


I am not a US Citizen and I do not have a permanent residency card.  What do I need to apply for admissions?


You can apply for admission online through Apply Texas


If you are not a citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible for in-state tuition rates if you lived in Texas the 36 months prior to graduating from a Texas public high school or receiving your GED in Texas. If you are eligible, you must pick up an affidavit from our school and fill it out and have it notarized. Please bring that back with the other required application documents


NOTE:  If you are an International Student, visit our  International Students Admission page.


I am a permanent resident.  What documents do I need for admission?


Along with the required application documents, you will need to bring in your permanent resident card for us to make a copy for your student record.




 How do I change my contact information with NCTC?


To learn more about changing your contact information, visit our Address Change page.


What are the important dates do I need to know for this semester?


You will want to view the Academic Calendar to find the day that classes begin, the official date of record, last day to withdraw with a W, etc. You may also view the Schedule for the rest of the year. A PDF version of the 2014-2015 Academic Calendar available for you to download and print.


What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?


To Drop a course, you will need to do so on or BEFORE the official date of record for the current semester.  When a course is dropped it is no longer part of your academic record. Please check the Academic Calendar for the official date of record.


Withdrawing from a class occurs AFTER the official date of record.  When you withdraw from a course, the course is part of your academic record with a grade of "W".


Do you have a printed copy of the class schedules?


We no longer print class schedules. It is available online and can be found at the searchable class schedule.