Mission Statement and Core Values

The NCTC Visual Arts educates students in the language and process of making art. The environment is structured toward art majors seeking careers as exhibiting artist, as well as, non-art majors looking to expand their capabilities and understanding of the arts.

The objective of the program is to prepare art majors and non-art majors with a foundation in the arts. Students enrolled in the various offerings within the department can expect to be engaged in analysis, problem solving, interpretation and understanding through practice of the arts.

The Department is committed to the following beliefs, principles and values:

•  The atelier process of teaching is known for placing the importance of process and learning through practice.

•  The department is committed to talented instructors from a broad range of
artistic philosophies allowing for a variety of perspectives regarding the
production of art.

•  Support for the individuality of our students and their needs and ambitions.

Accessibility – The department is committed to maintaining a curriculum, tuition and facility that remains accessible to both, degree seeking and non-degree
seeking students.

Community – The Visual Arts Department is committed to maintaining a sense of community that fosters camaraderie and support for fellow artists. The program values all individuals who pursue art as contributors to the learning environment. ​​




Supporting and encouraging the education, advancement, and enjoyment of excellence in the visual arts.