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Each test consists of a 21-day warm-up period; to help ensure rumen health during ration transition and allow the bulls time to settle into the new environment, followed by a 112 day official testing period.


During this period, each animal is weighed at 28-day intervals to determine rate of gain.


Age regulations are provided to show a true determination of the animal's individual genetic growth ability.


Bulls are fed a growing-finishing ration adequate for maximum growth but which is not intended to "over-finish" the animals.


The purpose of the Beef Cattle Evaluation Center is to assist beef breeders in the systematic collection of comparative production information for use in decision making to improve efficiency and profitability of beef production. Differences in performance among cattle must be utilized in decision making for performance testing to be beneficial.




. Total Gain

. Average Daily Gain (ADG)

. Weight Per Day of Age (WDA)

. Yearling (365) Weight (YW)

. Height Measurement

. Scrotal Measurement

. Feed Efficiency

. Cost of Gain


The Center will not be responsible for loss by fire, theft, injury, sickness, death, or any other circumstance, but will make every effort to safeguard the health of the animals and will secure professional veterinary service when necessary.




Steve Keith - Department Chair

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Rodney St. John - Beef Center Manager

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