Tuition & Fee Rates (Credit)

  (Fall & Spring)


Your tuition is calculated by multiplying the number of semester (credit) hours for which you're enrolled times a tuition rate which is determined according to your place of residence. The total amount of tuition you'll be charged is based on two things: (1) the total number of semester hours (see note below) for which you're enrolled, and (2) your permanent, legal place of residence (hometown). The per-hour tuition rates for each of the three basic residency categories are as follows:



General Use Fee
Student Services Fee
Total per Semester Hour







Out- of- State






NOTE: You need to understand clearly what is meant by the term "credit hours." When you register for a course, that course will be worth a certain number of hours of college credit for a semester.


Most courses at NCTC are worth three (3) hours of credit. However, there are courses that are worth from one (1) all the way up to six (6) or more hours credit for a semester. You can tell easily how many hours of credit a particular course is worth by looking at the course identification number.  The second digit in this four-digit number gives the semester-credit-hour value of the course. For example, the English course ENGL1301 is worth three (3) hours credit, and the French course FREN1411 is worth four (4) hours of credit. So, if you register for four three-hour courses and one four-hour course, you'll be enrolled for a total of sixteen (16) semester credit hours.