Tuition & Fees


Just as providing easy access to quality education for all who desire it is a primary commitment of North Central Texas College, so is providing quality education at a reasonable cost. The following information* will help students calculate their expenses at NCTC on a per-semester basis.

Basically, the cost of attending North Central Texas College for a regular long semester (fall or spring): is the sum of expenses in four categories: (1) tuition, (2) fees, (3) books and supplies and (4) room and board:


(1) TUITION Credit Hour Tuition Rates & Calculating Cost
Place of Residence
Tuition for CEU Credit
Installment Option for Tuition Payment

Student Services/General Use | Labs | Individualized Instruction | Other Fees
Late Registration Fee



Schedule – Credit & CEU Classes | Flexible Entry Courses
Military Withdrawal | Return of Title IV Aid
Important Notice About Refunds


*NOTE: Students should read this information carefully and thoroughly to assure that they will be able to come up with a fairly accurate estimate of expenses. Students also should keep in mind that this amount will be an ESTIMATE, since there is no way to accurately forecast for each individual student such personal expenditures as those for entertainment, transportation, clothing, etc. Also, as will be explained below, some other expenses such as those for books and supplies, board, etc., will vary from student to student.


IMPORTANT: Students will not be considered properly registered and will not be admitted to classes until all tuition and fees required by the college have been paid. These are payable in advance (at registration) at the beginning of each semester. Students who are participating in one of the various financial aid programs should take special note of deadlines for application and submission of required materials. Lateness in making application and/or submitting all required information may require such students to pay tuition and fees personally at the time of registration, and they should be prepared to bear these expenses until their awards can be processed.