Computer Information Systems & Technology

The Foundation for a Rewarding Career

The Computer Information Systems & Technology (CITE) program at NCTC is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers related to the use of computer technology and networking systems. The program tracks specific target existing occupational areas that are forecast by regional planning agencies to be growing.


Program objectives include preparing students to become employable through training in the occupational area. The curriculum is designed to promote learning opportunities and hands-on practice for the student to become proficient in using computer applications, hardware, software and/or networks. Instructors provide professional guidance and teach the ethical foundations for using computer information and software appropriately. NCTC provides access to a variety of hardware, software and telecommunications tools to help the student achieve workplace competencies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program help me to obtain the industry certifications I need to succeed in the workplace?

Absolutely! All of our classes offer lessons, lectures, textbooks, and labs all designed to help you obtain certification in: Microsoft MOS, A+, or Linux certification.

Will this program transfer to a four year university?

Yes! The University of North Texas offers Associate of Applied Science students a very unique opportunity to obtain a Bachelor's degree. A completed Network Associates Degree at NCTC will transfer to UNT's College of Information: Learning Technology Bachelor's degree plan (BAAS).

Is Financial Aid available for students in this degree?

NCTC believes that all students should be allowed the opportunity to pursue a higher education. The Financial Aid office will help you in applying for aid. For more information, call 940-668-4242 or visit their page.

How long does this degree take to obtain?

The degree is designed to take 2 years to complete, however, students may work at their own pace.




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