Networking Technology


Networking is the engineering discipline concerned with the communication between computer systems or devices. A computer network is any set of computers or devices connected to each other with the ability to exchange data.

The Networking Technology Degree at North Central Texas College is an exciting opportunity for those who find interest in computer networking, PC hardware, network security, or the Microsoft Windows Server Operating System platform. The Degree offers a diverse environment for students of all ages. This program is designed with the student who plans on finding a job as quickly as possible in mind, as well as the student who plans on attending a four year institution (See FAQs). Our labs offer all required equipment as outlined in the CISCO Networking Academy®, as well as the most current versions of Windows Server 2008. With classes sizing anywhere from 15-20 students, it offers students a very personalized experience with instructors, who always keep the best interests of the students first. Our diverse faculty offers a wide variety of teaching styles as well as plenty of "hands-on" labs for students to gain experience by actually doing, instead of just reading from a textbook. All our Faculty have a common goal: To help the student obtain industry certifications so they can better prepare themselves for the workforce.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this program help me to obtain the industry certifications I need to succeed in the workplace?

Absolutely! All of our classes offer lessons, lectures, textbooks, and labs all designed to help you obtain certification in: CISCO CCNA; Microsoft MCTS; or CompTIA Security, A+, or Linux certification.

Will this program transfer to a four year university?

Yes! The University of North Texas offers Associate of Applied Science students a very unique opportunity to obtain a Bachelor's degree. A completed Network Associates Degree at NCTC will transfer to UNT's College of Information: Learning Technology Bachelor's degree plan (BAAS)

Is Financial Aid available for students in this degree?

NCTC believes that all students should be allowed the opportunity to pursue a higher education. The Financial Aid office will help you in applying for aid. For more information, call 940-668-4242 or visit their page.

How long does this degree take to obtain?

The Networking Technology degree is designed to take 2 years to complete, however, students may work at their own pace.






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