Office Systems Technology

The Administrative Professional

In yesterday's workplace, the role of "secretary" or "clerical specialist" or even "administrative assistant" was a rather narrowly defined one that demanded a high level of competence but a fairly basic set of skills. Today, these essential members of the organizational team are recognized as true professionals with a widely varied and highly specialized set of skills. A large portion of these skills are technology based, but the diversity of today's workplace demands a broad range of human relation and critical-thinking skills as well.


The Office Systems Technology (OST) program at NCTC is designed to prepare students for the wide range of job opportunities available in this exciting, challenging and constantly changing career field. Whether you are just graduating from high school or need to update your skills to keep up with emerging technology, the OST program will better equip you to meet the demands of today's workplace.




The classes are designed to meet the specific needs of students. They will prepare you for the ever-changing workplace through development of professional skills, hands-on training on office machines and computer applications, and by providing professional guidance and an ethical foundation for the office environment.

OST faculty members have extensive experience in the field and take a personal interest in serving their students. Each student receives individualized attention from the faculty. Prior to graduation, each student is enrolled in a capstone course and given the opportunity to apply the many skills learned in the program

Classes Available over the Internet

Courses within the Office Systems Technology degree and certificates are offered totally online through NCTC eCampus.  Online courses allow the student to pursue his/her educational goals while meeting family and work responsibilities. They are ideal for the single parent or busy professional as they allow the student attend classes at a time and place of their choosing.


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