NCTC Dual Credit


Who is Eligible?


Student must have at least junior year high school standing.  Exceptions to junior standing requirement may be approved for Special Admission students with demonstrated outstanding academic performance and capabilities.


Student must have a minimum "B" (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher in high school coursework certified by the high school principal or counselor.  


Student must have the social and behavioral maturity for college level courses.  


Student must demonstrate college readiness by achieving TSI scores from ACT, SAT, PLAN, PSAT, EOC, or TSI Assessment .  


Students enrolled in private schools, charter schools, or who are home-schooled must satisfy the same eligibility standards as public school students. 


Students with prior disciplinary or attendance problems, as defined by The Texas Education Code, section 25.92 Minimum Attendance for Class Credit, are not eligible to enroll in dual-credit courses.




Emily Klement 

Emily Klement, Ed.D.


Associate Vice President of Academic Partnerships

Contact Information
for Dual Credit


Debbie Endres

Dual Credit Coordinator
Gainesville, Bowie, Graham Campuses


Diane Mannion

Dual Credit Coordinator
Corinth Campus

Susan Cooper

Dual Credit Coordinator
Flower Mound Campus

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