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Dual Credit ChecklistPrintable version

Check With Your High School Counselor

NCTC requires a G.P.A minimum of a "B" 3.0 on a 4.0 scale but your high school may require a higher one.
You must have maturity equal to a college level student.

Submit An Application

After submission, you will receive an email indicating application was received.
A second email will be sent from NCTC letting you know if it was complete or if other documents are needed.
If you do not receive these emails, please contact your Dual Credit Coordinator.

Apply for Dual Credit Scholarship

Deadline: April 15 for Fall and October 15 for Spring.

Complete College 101 Orientation

Application MUST be verified BEFORE DC101!

Important information for College Success! State requirement for all new Dual Credit students.
Orientation is a face to face session and may be available at your high school. Ask your counselor.

Take TSI Assessment (if needed) and Submit Official Test Scores

Test scores must verify TSI college readiness. Check for TSI test score standards and exemptions.

Submit High School Transcript

Transcripts must indicate a "B" average.

Submit Proof of Meningitis Immunization

Required for online courses and courses offered face to face on NCTC campuses.
Immunization is waived if you are attending Dual Credit courses only at your high school.

Complete Dual Credit Registration Form

This form indicates the name of the college course, course number, section, and term of the course you plan to take (ENGL 1301.870.131s). Complete all the information in advance.
Check with your counselor for information on courses that have been approved for your high school and for specific procedures for using the DC Agreement Form to register for courses.

** Transcripts, shot record, DC101 quiz and testing scores should be on file with the Admissions office BEFORE registering for your course(s).

Complete Dual Credit Overload Waiver (if applicable)

This form indicates you are requesting to take more than the allowed 2 courses in 1 semester and that the requirements have been met.
The name of the course, course number, section, and term of the course you are requesting and required principal signature should be filled in.
DC Coordinator will submit requests to college VP of Instruction. Requests are NOT guaranteed.
Specific Deadlines are in place for form and MUST be adhered to in order to seek approval of request.

Make a Payment

Payment is due at the time of registration.

You can be dropped from course(s) for failing to make payment.
Reinstatement is not guaranteed and there is a $50 fee for reinstatement.
Tuition is waived or reduced if you qualify for the Federal Lunch Program at your School. You must submit an official letter verifying this status prior to registering for the course.
If you take an online course there is an additional $50 fee per course.

Ways to Pay:

•  Call business office
•  Go to a campus business office (campus hours are posted on the website)
•  Online in student's myNCTC -- click "student dashboard"-- will need student log in info
•  Set up a payment plan online in student's myNCTC -- click "student dashboard" --  will need student log in info (one time $30 set up fee applies)

Purchase Textbooks

Order books online: Go to and click Bookstore at the bottom of the page.
Walk in Bookstores: Gainesville 940-668-4246   Corinth 940-498-6279   Flower Mound 972-899-8343

Online Courses

You will need to complete the Canvas online orientation as soon as possible!
If you do not complete the orientation you will not have access to your material in the online course.
If you can access Canvas at, click on Canvas link.
Canvas Orientation instructions can be found on the website under dual credit students tab.

It is also a Good Idea to check your NCTC email beginning 2 weeks before classes start -- this is how instructors will send you information not through your personal email. If an instructor chooses to not use Canvas, but instead the online portal that accompanies the textbook from the publisher they may contact you via this method.

Other Questions or Clarification?

Different schools have different dual credit programs and courses offered. Therefore, we ask that if you have questions please do  one of the following:

1.  Talk to the high school counselor that deals directly with dual credit.
2.  Check the "Dual Credit Students" tab on the college website --
3.  Call the Dual Credit Coordinator that works directly with your high school
(A list of coordinators and schools can be found under the Dual Credit "Students" tab, click "Educators & Staff" bar on the college website

Debbie Endres

Gainesville, Graham, Bowie


Diane Mannion

Corinth Campus


Susan Cooper

Flower Mound Campus




Emily Klement 

Emily Klement, Ed.D.


Associate Vice President of Academic Partnerships

Contact Information
for Dual Credit


Debbie Endres

Dual Credit Coordinator
Gainesville, Bowie, Graham Campuses


Diane Mannion

Dual Credit Coordinator
Corinth Campus

Susan Cooper

Dual Credit Coordinator
Flower Mound Campus

972-899-8331 NCTC