NCTC Dual Credit


What Is Expected


  • Students should remember that a dual credit course is a college course in all respects. The curriculum is the same that is used on the college campus, and dual credit students' responsibilities are the same as all other college students. The teaching methods are the same as on the college campus, and students will be expected to conduct themselves as college students. [See the NCTC Student Handbook]

  • Dual Credit students are expected to attend class. Whether the class is on your high school campus, online or at an NCTC Campus, attendance and class participation are crucial to your success. Each instructor may set their own attendance policy and students must adhere to those policies. Students missing more than a week of class may be withdrawn from the course. Students participating in extra curricular activities should make sure there are no conflicts with the dual credit course.

  • College courses sometimes deal with controversial issues or subject matter that high school courses may not address. This can provide new challenges for the dual credit student. Nonetheless, dual credit students should be prepared to participate in the same course an instructor teaches on the college campus.

  • All college students should expect to invest at least as much time out-of-class as in-class in reading, studying, and preparing for college course assignments. To be successful and ensure completion of out of class assignments, most students will need to invest more time than this.

  • Students should pay careful attention to their instructor's system for assigning grades. Often the college grading system is different from the system their high school uses. If students do poorly on a test or assignment, they should not expect to repeat the work in order to improve their grade. Also, instructors may not allow students to do extra work to bring up a poor grade. The instructor’s grading system is covered in the course syllabus students receive at the beginning of the semester. If students have trouble in a dual credit course, it is their responsibility to ask the instructor what they need to improve in order to succeed in the class.



Emily Klement 

Emily Klement, Ed.D.


Associate Vice President of Academic Partnerships

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