Fire Science Technology Program


Fire Academy Enrollment and Acceptance Process


The application and acceptance into the Fire Academy is a lengthy process.  The steps for the acceptance process is listed below.


1. Attend one of the mandatory Advisement Sessions.
2. Apply to the college.
  If you have attended college before, official transcripts from each college you have attended are required.

If you have not attended college before you must have a high school transcript or GED scores.


Register for and take the PAX Exam.


The top 30 candidates that pass the PAX Exam will be invited to the Physical Agility Test.


Those candidates that successfully complete the Physical Agility Test will then be invited to the Peer Interview process.  After this step, the top 20 candidates will be informed that they have been accepted into the program.  The remaining candidates that successfully completed all of the previous requirements will be placed on an alternate list.

6. From the date that the candidates have been selected and informed, they must complete all of the following items:
  Drug screening
  Background check (Completed on day of Registration)
  Physical Examination
  Obtain all necessary immunizations or provide documentation of immunizations or titer results.
  Provide a copy of a current American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider CPR Card.
  Provide proof of medical insurance.

Complete Student Information Form.

7. On the day of registration, all candidates will need to supply all documentation as listed above in Step 6. Failure to provide all required information on this date will result in the candidate being dropped from the registration process.