Psychology Courses Offered




Role and Scope

Psychology is the scientific study of individuals and their mental processes, cognitions, emotions, and behaviors. NCTC offers five courses in the discipline of Psychology. Courses vary by semester and campus. Psychology courses are often required for students planning to major in Nursing, Education, and Criminal Justice.


PSYC 2301  Introduction to General Psychology

An introduction to the scientific study of human and animal behavior, with the emphasis on the basic processes of learning, perception, motivation, emotion, personality and adjustment.


PSYC 2306  Human Sexuality

The study of psychological, sociological, and physiological aspects of human sexuality.


PSYC 2314  Developmental Psychology

A study of physical, cognitive, personality and interpersonal development of a person from conception to the end of the life cycle, with an emphasis on developmental principles and tasks


PSYC 2315  Psychology of Adjustment

Study of the processes involved in adjustment of individuals to their personal and social environments. (This course counts as an elective, not a Behavioral Science core.)


PSYC 2316  Psychology of Personality

Study of various approaches to determinants, development, and assessment of personality. (This course counts as an elective, not a Behavioral Science core.)



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