College Prep Math



College Prep MathCollege Preparatory Studies exists to remediate deficiencies, in order that students may excel in their chosen careers. The sequences of College Prep courses are designed to prepare students for college-level academic course work.


The recommendation to enroll in College Prep courses is made on the basis of diagnostic testing and THEA. Although these courses do not satisfy any degree requirement, they are designed to assure reasonable student success in the college curriculum.


Courses Offered


Math (College Prep)


NCTM 0331

MATH0305 NCTM 0351 Beginning Algebra
Intermediate Algebra

Math Competencies

MATH 0303 Competencies

MATH 0305 Competencies

MATH 0310 Competencies

MATH 0310 Competencies *** NEW FOR FALL 2012



College Prep Math Department:

Kathryn Fritz, Instructor

  • Phone: 940.668.7731 ext. 4214
  • Office: Corinth MWF COR 320
  • Office: Gainesville TR MSS 821
  • Email:

Linda Fuqua , Instructor & Department Chair


Marsha Gossett, Instructor



Farah Hojjaty, Instructor


Elizabeth Howell, Instructor


Judith Keller, Instructor


Marla Owens, Instructor

Adjunct Instructors:
Bowie Campus
Corinth Campus
Bill Henson Jo Bobo

Ben Bordlemay
Gainesville  Campus
Kathy Carlisle
Andrea Pembroke
Barbara Ettredge
C. Novita Ward   Misty Hamner

Terri Henderson
Graham Campus
Mike Iskandarani
Jan Moses Greg Meshell
Flower Mound Campus
Janet Noah

Shawn Brewer

Kathy Kroening

Mary K. Overton
Melinda Meador
Lee Ann Rayburn
Debbie Palmer

H. Michael Ross

Debbie Skelly
Amanda Sonnier
T. Lee Stover
UNT Campus
Kaylyn Beattie

Caleb Bishop

Mike Iskandarani





Contact College Preparatory Studies


Linda Fuqua, Department Chair

Office: Gainesville MSS 823

Phone: 940.668.4221

Email: (lowercase Q, not G)


Dawn Porter, Department Assistant

Office: Corinth 320

Phone: 940.498.6208