The Department of Government and Economics welcomes you to our Home Page!


Government studies the intricacies of how politics makes our country run.  We also look at how we got here and where we are going.  The study of government is important because we are a democracy and every person has the right to vote.  The act of voting contributes to the process of making this country great.  But you can't make your vote count without the information to make an informed decision?  THAT is why we study our National and State Governments.


Economics is the study of scarcity, or choices made due to scarcity.  Our studies will span the decisions made by persons, businesses and industries through microeconomics; and choices and consequences of those decisions made by countries, and the interactions of various countries through macroeconomics.  We will use analysis in the form of various schools of thought, principles, laws, mathematical models, the purpose and impact of our monetary system, and the historical examiniation of how theories have been applied.