Physical Education


Contact Information for Full-time Faculty


Angie Bullard Lions Field House #702 (940) 668-3347
Courses Taught Campus Address
PHED1114 02 Varsity Volleyball I Lions Field House
PHED1115 02 Varsity Volleyball II Lions Field House
PHED1116 02 Varsity Conditioning I Volleyball Lions Field House
PHED1117 02 Varsity Conditioning II Volleyball Lions Field House
PHED1118 30 Jogging/Walk I Gainesville Online
PHED1119 31 Jogging/Walk II Gainesville Online
PHED1124 02 Weight Training/Jogging I Athl. Workout Fac.
PHED1125 02 Weight Training/Jogging II Ath. Workout Fac.
PHED1338 30-31 Concepts of Physical Fit Gainesville Online



Erick Wright

Lions Clubhouse (940) 668-3304
PHED1124 04 Weight Training/Jogging I Ath. Workout Fac.
PHED1125 04 Weight Training/Jogging II Athl. Workout Fac.
PHED1134 01 Basketball I Lions Field House
PHED1135 01 Basketball II Lions Field House
PHED1118 36-37-38 Jogging/Walk I Corinth Online
PHED1119 36-37-38 Jogging/Walk II Corinth Online


Scott Harp Lions Clubhouse (940) 668-4285
PHED1114 03 Varsity Baseball I Baseball Facility
PHED1115 03 Varsity Baseball II Baseball Facility
PHED1116 03 Varsity Conditioning I Baseball Baseball Facility
PHED1117 03 Varsity Conditioning II Baseball Baseball Facility
PHED1124 03 Weight Training/Jogging I Ath. Workout Facility
PHED1125 03 Weight Training/Jogging II Athl. Workout Facility


Van Hedrick Lions Clubhouse (940) 668-4286
PHED1114 04 Varsity Softball I Lions Clubhouse
PHED1115 04 Varsity Softball II Lions Clubhouse
PHED1116 04 Varsity Conditioning I Softball Lions Clubhouse
PHED1117 04 Varsity Conditioning II Softball Lions Clubhouse
PHED1118 34 Jogging/Walk I Bowie Online
PHED1119 40 Jogging/Walk II Bowie Online
PHED1124 01 Weight Training/Jogging I Ath. Workout Facility
PHED1125 01 Weight Training/Jogging II Lions Field House


Departmental Secretary Campus Address Phone Number
Margaret Brown Lions Field House (940) 668-7731 ext. 4373

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