General Information



The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has established the guidelines for this degree plan. It parallels the first two years of a Texas four year college or university program that leads towards a teaching certificate. This degree enables the student to transfer toward a Bachelors of Arts or Science degree designed to prepare a student for teacher certification. This degree also satisfies the requirements of the No Child Left Behind guidelines for paraprofessionals in public schools.


AAT Offers Field Observation Experience

This degree program offers field observation experience in an actual classroom setting. "It is a fabulous program for those who want to become teachers, and it enables them to find out early on if this is really what they want to do." Most four year education programs don't allow students into the classrooms before they get to their student teaching experience.


AAT Offers Head Start on University Program

According to our university counterparts, students who achieve the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree are at a great advantage to the rest of the students who are applying to their programs today. Some of the reasons they give include these:


  1. A student who has completed the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree shows that they are committed to overcome the obstacles to bring an educational goal to completion. They know the value of education and believe they can make a difference. They also have completed more than the minimum requirement of most colleges of education of 30 hours. The 30-hour minimum requirement is the transfer group that colleges and universities have competing to get into their programs.

  2. An Associates degree in teaching puts a student at a huge advantage. They are not competing for a position in the program with the incoming freshmen. They are not competing with transfer students who have completed 30 hours.

  3. They are competing with students who have completed the Associate of Arts in Teaching. Since it is a fairly new program, there is still not that much competition at this level. The program received its first statewide articulation in 2005. Also, students who complete the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree have a number of skills from the courses they have completed and some field experience, which gives them an advantage in the classes. So their grade point averages are higher, their commitment is better, they have more determination, and generally are more mature about registering for courses and schedules where they can achieve a comfortable level of mastery.

  4. Earning the Associate of Arts in Teaching degree shows that a student has great tenacity, determination, and spirit. It is not an easy program to accomplish. And there are many admissions demands put upon students by the four year institutions, including an overall Grade Point Average of 2.75 and GPA of courses in the major of 3.0 or higher, certain THEA score requirements that are higher than passing to get into the college, and character traits known only to teachers, such as tenacity and the desire to change the world one student at a time and the belief that you have the power to make a difference. We are in the transformation business of transforming students into teachers.

AAT Offers Early Focus on Teaching Skills

Another great advantage of the Associate of Arts in Teaching program, are the teaching skills that students learn before they get to the four year college or university. Students will study ethics, policies, and classroom strategies, as well as discussing various current issues in education today. Students will feel confident preparing research papers, they will know which age group they desire to teach, they may have a better idea of areas of specialization and how to go about developing those skills, specific degree advising towards more than sixty teaching certifications, know how to create and deliver Power Point presentations, how to evaluate exceptional children's literature, and be able to create effective lesson plans. Students who graduate with the Associate of Arts in Teaching will be more empowered and more confident in their studies. We are truly developing leadership skills and confidence in their abilities.