Rules for Shop Areas

  •   Approved safety glasses are required when using the power tools in the shop or when using portable tools in other areas of the building.

  •   All persons will operate or use a power tool only after having a complete introduction to the operation of that tool by qualified shop personnel.  It is the individuals’ responsibility to inform shop personnel if they are unfamiliar with or unsure of the safe operation of a tool.

  •   Do not wear neckties, scarves or other loose clothing or jewelry when operation power tools.  Long hair should be securely tied back.  Open toe shoes, stocking or bare feet are not permitted in the shop.

  •   Make sure the tool you are using is appropriate for and properly set up for the operation you are performing.  If you are unsure, consult with qualified shop personnel

  •   Make sure all blades, bits or cutting tools come to a complete stop before removing scrap materials or making adjustments to the tool.  Unplug tools before changing blades, bits or cutting tools.

  •   Keep the area around fixed power tools clear of loose material and slip or trip hazards.  After you are finished with a project return tools and hardware to their proper place and police your work area.

  •   Never operate machinery or enter a work area while under the influences of alcohol, drugs or medications that may make you inattentive or drowsy.  Do not operate equipment or tools when you are fatigued.

  •   These rules have been established as a safety guideline for all who use the shop.  Failure to follow these rules or other safety instructions by qualified personnel will result in the loss of some or all lab hours, shop privileges or Work study position.

  •   The Scene Shop at the Center for the Performing Arts is only for use by faculty, staff and students employed by the College or enrolled in classes in the Theatre Department (Volunteers will have special permission).

  •   At the end of each day all tools WILL be returned to the CORRECT place.   Also the shop will be clean and free of all hazards before class is dismissed.

  •   IF YOU DON'T KNOW - ASK! There is no such thing as a dumb question, only dumb mistakes and injuries.







Technical Director:  Dan Doss, First State Bank Center for the Performing Arts



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