How to Withdraw from a Course




Before you withdraw from any class, contact an advisor in the Counseling and Testing Center to talk about your options! If you were new to college starting in 2007 or later, you are only allowed SIX withdrawals over your entire college career, so choose wisely! Also, if you receive any type of Financial Aid, withdrawing from a class could impact your eligibility to receive Financial Aid in future semesters. Withdrawing from a College Preparatory class may impact your enrollment in other classes, so check with an advisor before making any decisions.



To withdraw from a course (after the official date of record for the current term) with a grade of "W", students are encouraged to complete the Petition to Withdraw; however, students may complete the Petition for Course Drop in any NCTC Admissions/Registrar's Office or online by following the directions below.


Log in to MyNCTC ( and click on Student Dashboard.


You will need to know the course ID, section number (example-ENGL1301 123) and the instructor name of each class from which you want to withdraw.


If you do not already have this information, then from  your student dashboard page you can click on Registration Options and select Schedule, and then print or write down the course information you need.


Next, click on the admissions tab AT THE TOP OF YOUR SCREEN. On the left hand side, click on the Withdraw from a Course link. Read all the information, and then click on Begin Petition for Course Withdrawal at the bottom.


Fill out the entire form and click Submit. You will need to fill out a separate form for EACH class.


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the form to be processed. When you check your schedule on MyNCTC, the class(es) will still be listed, but the credit hours will show as "0" and the grade will be "W" on your transcript at the end of the semester.



A grade of "W" will be given to students who officially withdraw from a course, or "drop".


Developmental courses may NOT be dropped online.
Students must appear in person on campus to drop developmental courses.



Online Requests

The Registrar's Office should receive the form via e-mail. The form will be processed and a copy will be sent to you for your records. If you don't receive a copy within 48 hours Monday - Friday, you should immediately contact the Registrar's Office. The student is responsible for verifying that the email was received by the Registrar's Office prior to the deadline for the current semester.



It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from any class they do not wish to attend. Students who stop attending classes and who do not officially withdraw, may be assigned a final grade of “F”.



NOTE: Students may NOT drop their developmental course(s) without presenting passing scores for the area(s) failed. Students who need to withdraw from some of their courses may do so as long as they remain enrolled in at least one developmental course each semester. Developmental courses may NOT be dropped online. Students must appear in person to drop developmental courses.


Complete Withdrawal

If a student withdraws completely from NCTC on or prior to the course drop-date deadline, a final grade of "W" will be recorded for each course in which the students is enrolled. Should a student withdraw completely from NCTC after the deadline, a final grade will be recorded for each course in which the student is enrolled at the discretion of the appropriate dean with the advice and consultation of the instructor of record. It is the student's responsibility to officially withdraw from any classes they do not wish to attend or cannot, for any reason, complete.


Please contact the Admissions/Registrar's Office at the campus nearest you for more information.


Bowie: 940-872-4002
Corinth: 940-498-6200
Gainesville: 940-668-4222
Graham: 940-521-0720
Flower Mound: 972-899-8411

Questions? Email the Admissions Office