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The State of Texas implemented a new placement test (the TSI Assessment) on August 26th, 2013. Students with older test scores (THEA, TASP, Compass, Accuplacer, MAPS, Asset) may be required to retest in Reading, Writing, and/or Math if their scores or completed coursework do not place them at College Ready status in one or more of those subject areas. Please check with the NCTC Admissions Office to determine if your test scores are valid or if you will be required to retest in any area prior to returning to NCTC for course enrollment.


The new TSI Asessment can be taken at any public institution offering available test dates. Please see below for information about scheduling your TSI Assessment through NCTC, or check this list of TSI Testing Referrals for other local institutions offering this same assessment.


Dual Credit students who are taking the TSI Assessment at their high school campus MUST pay in advance, and bring their payment receipt on their scheduled test date. DUAL CREDIT students and parents, please review the TSI Checklist for Dual Credit students before making your ONLINE TSI PAYMENT.


Placement Testing/TSI Assessment 


The new TSI Assessment must be taken by all students (except those who are exempt) who enroll at public colleges in Texas.  The test is designed to measure the ability of students—as indicated by their skills in Reading, Writing and Math—to do college-level course work.   Students who demonstrate deficiencies in any of these areas will be required to enroll in at least one College Prep Course each semester until they have completed and passed all required remediation courses with a "C" or better. In addition, students who place into the first level of College Prep coursework (Reading, Writing, or Math), will be required to enroll in and complete Learning Framework (EDUC/PSYC 1300) as a co-requisite. Please consult our guide for TSI Score Placement and Testing Exemptions.


For more information regarding the new test, please download the TSI Assessment student brochure . You can  review this free TSI Practice Test which has problems and solutions for Math, Reading, and Writing, similar to the format of the questions you will see on the test, and also this TSI Writing an Essay Practice Guide. You can purchase the official TSI Study App for $4.50 as well directly from the College Board Store. Be sure to purchase the TSI Study App, NOT the Accuplacer App, as they are two different tests.


TSI Assessment Checklist and FAQ


  You must complete College 101/New Student Orientation (online or in-person) prior to testing! You can schedule your test date in advance, however you will need to prove that you completed the College 101 requirement when you arrive to test (bring your completion certificate with you, if you have not already completed an Apply Texas application for NCTC). Dual Credit students must complete an Apply Texas application as well as Dual Credit/DC 101 prior to testing. DC 101 is only offered in-person, please contact your Dual Credit Coordinator to find out when DC 101 will be offered at your high school.

  Verify with the NCTC Admissions Office, or your intended college or university, which sections of the TSI Assessment you need to take (Math, Reading, and/or Writing).

  Schedule your TSI testing date by contacting the Counseling and Testing Office at your preferred campus IN ADVANCE. Depending on how many sections you need to take, you could spend 2-6 hours testing, however there is no time limit. If you are unable to complete all required sections in one day, or before the Testing Center closes, you can schedule another appointment to complete the unfinished section(s).

  The TSI Assessment is a computer-based test. If you require testing accommodations based on a documented disability, please talk with the Testing staff regarding alternative forms of the test.


  BRING PAYMENT in the form of CREDIT CARD, CASH, PERSONAL CHECK, or MONEY ORDER (payable to NCTC). The TSI Assessment non-refundable fee is $25 for all three sections, or $10 per individual section.You can pre-pay your testing fee in advance through our ONLINE TSI PAYMENT (you must bring your e-mail receipt to the Counseling and Testing Office on the day you test to confirm payment was made). Dual Credit students who are taking the TSI Assessment at their high school campus MUST pay in advance, and bring their payment receipt on their scheduled test date.


  BRING A PHOTO ID. You will not be allowed to test without one! You also need to know your Social Security number (card not required, but number must be accurate) OR your NCTC student ID number.

  PLEASE DO NOT BRING cell phones, coats, purses, book-bags, jackets, hoodies, hats, etc. Personal items are not allowed in the Testing Center and we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items.

  Calculators are NOT allowed. The TSI Assessment has an on-screen calculator which will be available during certain questions on the Math portion of the TSI.

  Food and drinks are not allowed in the Testing Center, so please make arrangements to eat before or after testing. You are also allowed to take short breaks in between test sections.


  TSI score reports will print immediately after testing. An advisor will review the results with you in terms of placement levels and any required College Preparatory courses, and then you need to submit your scores to the NCTC Admissions Office the same day, or take your copy with you if you intend to enroll at another college. NCTC does not send TSI score reports to other colleges and will not release TSI scores over the phone in order to protect your privacy.