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Student Life: Learning & Growing Outside the Classroom

The overall collegiate learning experience, involves much more than just what happens in the classroom. Social interaction is an important part of that experience. At NCTC, we are working hard to provide an array of opportunities to all students on all campuses which includes Gainesville, Corinth, Bowie, Graham and Flower Mound to come together in a social setting with their classmates and other members of the college community. These opportunities range from student  organizations to special events and everything in between. It’s all aimed at making Student Life at NCTC enjoyable, memorable and beneficial to all students.

The Student Life team is committed to offering a positive collegiate environment for our students on all campuses.

For more information contact:

- Nancy Kirk - Gainesville Campus Tour

- Daisy Garcia - Student Life

Megan Sanzo - Residence Life & Intramural Sports in Gainesville

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