Student Organizations


Students involved in student organizations are more likely to increase their leadership skills, meet other students with similar interest, create a life-long connection with NCTC, and are more likely to graduate compared to students not involved.

  1. Campus Activities Board:
  2.         Corinth Room 310, Advisor:  Thurs. at 3PM
  3.         Flower Mound Lobby, Advisor: Weds
  4.         Gainesville Lion's Den, Advisor msanzo@nctc.eduThurs. at 3PM
  5. Christian Action - Corinth/Flower Mound -,
  6. Cosmetology Student Association - Gainesville - Advisor
  7. Creative Writing Club - Gainesville - Advisor
  8. Drama Club - Gainesville - Advisor
  9. Fellowship - Gainesville - Advisor 
  10.         (meets Wednesday at 3PM in the Lion's Den)
  11. Games and Politics - Gainesville - Advisor
  12.         for more information visit their student-run Facebook page
  13. Global Scholars - Corinth/Flowermound - Advisor
  14. Latino Leadership Council - Corinth - Advisor
  15. Martial Arts - Corinth - Advisor
  16. National Society of Leadership & Success - Advisor
  17.       For more information, visit their Facebook page
  18. Oil and Gas - Graham-  Advisor
  19. Phi Theta Kappa - Contact: Erica Thompson
  20. Residence Hall Association - Gainesville - Advisor
  21. Student Government Association - All - Advisor
  22. Student Nursing Association - Gainesville - Advisor
  23. Student Radiographer Association - Gainesville - Advisor
  24. Visual Arts Club - Gainesville - Advisor


Starting a Student Organization:

There are a number of student organizations that range from service to professional, political to social, and honorary to spiritual. Whatever your interest may be; if a student organization does not currently exist, you can start you own official student organizations by completing the following steps:


1. Find a college employee to be the Advisor and seven students interested in the club;

2. Hold a meeting and vote on constitution and elect officers;

3. Submit Constitution and Student Organization Registration Form to the Office of Student Life.


Room Reservation for Student Organizations:

For questions in regard to current student organizations or starting a organization contact Director of Student Life, Daisy Garcia at  For reservation of meetings rooms contact:


Bowie Campus - 

Corinth Board Room -

Flower Mound Rooms -

Gainesville Lion's Den - 

Gainesville Little Theater or Student Center -  

Graham Campus -

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    service learning


    Student Organization Forms