Childcare Assistance


Childcare Reimbursement Program


The Childcare Reimbursement Program provides support services for NCTC students pursuing a career in a technical field of study to help them complete their career plans.


Coordination efforts among community agencies, local service providers, and NCTC's Department of Student Success allow participants to obtain marketable skills for employment while facilitating long-term career development plans.


Program Services


  • Childcare Monetary Assistance
  • Career Assessment
  • Community Referrals
  • Enrichment Seminars
  • Non-traditional Career Awareness


Are you a:

  • Nontraditional Learner
  • Limited English proficient learner
  • Learner with economic disadvantage
  • Learner with a disability
  • Learner who is a single parent and/or displaced homemaker


Students who wish to become eligible for Childcare Assistance need to:

  • Declare or be enrolled in a technical field of study
  • Establish financial need
  •              Ex: Pell Grant recipient, SNAP recipient, W2,  etc
  • Complete a CRP Application and provide all necessary documentation



List of Registered Daycares



Yvonne Sandmann

Gainesville Campus

Room 110

Phone:  (940) 668-4209 x4321

Fax: (940) 668-3326

Mary Martinson

Dean of Student Success

Phone:(940) 668-7731 x4377