The Office for Students with Disabilities


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The Office for Students with Disabilities is here to assist the Faculty in establishing a learning environment that is conducive for all.  Faculty services include validating student registration with OSD, explaining student and faculty roles regarding accommodations, and providing ADA training for employees.  OSD strives to better educate individuals on the needs and abilities of persons with disabilities.  If you would like to schedule training for your department, contact Wayne Smith.


Unfamiliar with the laws related to disabilities?  Participate in the ADA Employee Training to learn more at NCTC ADA for Employees


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K. Wayne Smith

Disability Coordinator

Phone: (940)498-6207


Yvonne Sandmann

Disability Specialist

Phone: (940)668-7731 x4321


Mary Martinson

Dean of Student Success

Phone: (940)668-7731 x4377