Fifty (50) Texas community college districts and the Texas State Technical College system collaborate to offer distance education courses via the Virtual College of Texas (VCT). Students may register for VCT courses through NCTC; however, the following guidelines must be adhered to by NCTC students who wish to register for VCT Courses: 1) Students MUST register for online courses at NCTC as long as they are open. If the course is full, then students may register for a VCT course; 2) Students may enroll only in VCT courses that are courses offered at NCTC and that have been approved by NCTC Instructional Council for delivery to NCTC students. If the course is not listed in the NCTC catalog, then the college will not enroll students in the VCT course. However, students can contact other institutions directly to inquire about enrolling in their course; and, 3) Students who have enrolled in VCT courses and either dropped or failed for two consecutive semesters MUST enroll in and pass 12 hours of non-VCT courses before they may enroll in another VCT course.


Registration for fall 2014 VCT courses will end at noon on Wednesday, August 20.


To register for a VCT course:


1. Check for available courses in the list of VCT courses approved for NCTC students.

2. Complete the VCT Registration Form (PDF).

3. Save the form to your computer.

4. Submit a ticket to the eCampus Help Desk, attaching the completed registration form. Only current/active students have access to the ticket system. If you are unable to use the ticket system, email the completed registration form to:

5. Allow up to two (2) business days for the course to appear on your schedule. VCT registrations are submitted to provider colleges between 10 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Thursday, and 10 AM - 2 PM, Friday.